Capital Placement Services

Cimarron Capital offers capital raise services for management groups, investment funds, venture capital funds, private firms, and other issuers on a select basis.  As part of these services, we will usually:

Enter into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the client.

Review the client’s financial condition, operations, competitive environment, and related matters.

Advise the client on deal terms, keeping in mind that the client has ultimate responsibility for final determination of terms.

Identify prospective investors.

Prepare generic term sheets ("Teasers") acceptable to the client to present to prospective investors.

Reach out to prospective investors via personal networking, cold-call, email and conventional mail campaigns, social media campaigns, and investor event presentations.

Screen and qualify investors while adhering to state and federal requirements.

Enter into NDA's with prospective investors.

Prepare specific term sheets, information packages and/or other confidential documents acceptable to the client to present to prospective investors who have signed NDA’s.

Assist the client in the preparation of specific deal websites and promotional videos.

Assist the client and its attorneys in the preparation of private placement memoranda.

Coordinate presentations by the client of its project to prospective investors.

Coordinate the transfer of funds and documents during the closing process.

We will interact with your staff on a scheduled basis to maintain transparency and allow of continuous feedback and improvement, freeing your managers and staff to efficiently focus on their individual and group skillsets.

Let us own and lead this complex process for you.